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Lianyungang Baishun Medical Treatment Articles Co.,Ltd.   - Details

We, Baishun Medical, are manufacturer of absorbent cotton and gauze products with over 30years history. Absorbent cotton and gauze with 100% material are all our basic products, cotton roll, zigzag cotton, cotton ball, dental cotton, cotton coil, cotton pad and gaue roll, guaze swab, lap sponge, gauze zigzag, gauze bandage, and meanwhile we can develop new products for our customer following their special requirement, and trade other products in this industry. Until now, we have over 300 employees for 3 factories, one is mainly produces cotton wool products located in Jingsu province, another is gauze products and located in Hubei province, we built a new factory in

Zhejiang Canaan Technology Co., Ltd   - Details

Established in 2000, Zhejiang Canaan Technology Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as "Canaan Technology" or "Canaan") is a professional manufacture that is concerned with the development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical equipment. After more than a decade's operation, Canaan has evolved into a leading pharmaceutical equipment manufacture in China.It has initially formed such a industrial layout that takes Wenzhou, Nanjing and Beijing as the center to radiate over the country. ...

BACFO Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd. is part of the global AKC Group of companies   - Details

BACFO Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd. is part of the global AKC Group of companies having an annual turnover of over US$ 250 million. The AKC Group has diversified business interests in petrochemicals, technology transfer, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. BACFO's management has had more than 20 years of business experience in the developed countries and maintains a global strategy. In 1994, BACFO entered in this field and manufactures Research Based Herbal Healthcare Products for Respiratory problems, Acidity, Liver disorders, Sugar control, Vigour & vitality, Stress control, Laxative, Herbal iron, Weight management, ...

Astral sildenafil tablets from india, sildenafil tablets from india   - Details

We represent a relationship of trust and reliability in the pharmaceutical field. We are manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceutical formulations for: Human Healthcare, Animal Healthcare. Please visit our website

Free Online Diagnosis   - Details

Find out what illnesses or disease you may have by using our online diagnosis. Just tell us your symptoms and you’ll be able to find out what you’re suffering from and ways you can treat it based on medical research.

Teshima Korea   - Details

Welcome to Teshima Korea Co.,Ltd Stainless steel pipe for Medical Purpose


KORLYNS Pharmaceuticals Ltd   - Details
Korlyns is a privately-held company founded in 1999. We are engaged in the distribution of innovative products ranging from pharmaceuticals to therapeutics, offering consulting services to general consumer market goods. These fields represent large opportunities globally both for the business, and our partners globally. Korlyns works in partnership with leading experts to bring unique offering, improved margins, and ethical product to all stakeholders. We are an international company of repute,

Nanjing Perlove Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.   - Details
Perlong Medical was established in 1993, Nanjing, China. We are a manufacturer specializing in R&D, manufacturing and marketing various kinds of medical equipments. Perlong owns nearly 11 subsidiaries and thousands of employees. In the past 18 years, Perlong Medical rooted with the spirit of “development, innovation, pragmatism and consolidation”, and dedicated to attract talented people from the communities. Now, Perlong has grown up to be a mature and perfect medical company with a rapid speed

Xiamen Easepal Technology Co. Ltd.   - Details
Xiamen Easepal Technology Co. Ltd., the factory of Easepal Group, was established 10 years ago specializing in healthcare related products. The factory manufactures vibration massage products that included comfortable seat cushions for the automotive market and various personal massage products that included vibration, kneading and tapping massage functions, as well as plastic injection-molded foot massager and hand-held body massagers. Today, *Reading Massage Companion

Jayshree Tablet Science   - Details
The group was incorporated in 1992 and its current activity is manufacturing tablet tools for the Pharmaceutical, Rapid Mixer Granulator,Pharmaceutical powders sifter, Pharmaceutical Batch Mixer, Ayurvedic, Candy, Storage Battery and Ceramic Industries for the home and global market. The group is a merchant exporter in the field of pharmaceutical machinery and is a single source for a variety of machinery required by any manufacturer in the field. Our manufacturing locations at Ahmedaba

Shenzhen Oriental Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.   - Details
Founded in 1995 as a joint venture and branch company of China Associated Group ( CAG ), Shenzhen Oriental Pharmaceutical Co Ltd. is specialized in the developing, manufacturing and international marketing of EPHEDRINE AND ITS DERIVATIVES and has obtained the GMP certificate issued by the State Drug Administration (certificate No.: D1733). All the products are up to the standards in the new editions of USP, BP or JP.

Doctor Scope   - Details
The Doctor Scope is making the world with you. The Doctor Scope, a representative brand of Loupe! The Doctor Scope will serve you along with our techniques, products and humans to make the world a better place to live in. As a representative business of global Loupe, the Doctor Scope is take the lead in initiating the paradigm changes of ideas with top of the line technical powers, the highest customer-oriented services, and ceaseless challenges and innovations toward the new future.

Shandong Weigao Group Kanglida Medical Products Co., Ltd.   - Details
We are one of the leading suppliers for surgical suture and would like to supply you with our products as per your requirement & at the competitive price. Our main products are full of U.S.P sutures covering polyglycolic , PGLA, , plain catgut, silk, nylon, , , suture needle and raw materials, etc. We also provide the and surgical etc. other products under the of Shandong Weigao Group.

Bleeding Piles Treatment - Natural Remedy For Hemorrhoids   - Details
Ⲥаn ԁoing all this mеаn that you now taкe over to go oᥙt and dump yoսr friends and family іn order to ѕheԁ excess weight? Уour social experiences coսld be ѡhole lot more enjoyable and the majority ⅼess fattening іf үoᥙ focus on tһe company ʏou are with rɑther tһɑn the food thаt yоu most lіkely eating. Increase yoᥙr intake of fruits ɡet been rich in Vitamin Deborah. Αlso it will cօmpletely cure piles рoint out.

Welcome To Concise Enterprise Who we are; Concise Enterprise   - Details
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Fine Quality Surgical instruments, Dental instruments, Veterinary instruments, Manicure instruments, Pedicure instruments,Beauty Care instruments, Cosmetic, Orthodentic instruments, Hospital Instruments, Scissors, Tweezers, Scalers, Forceps, Medical Instruments, Household, Hollow Ware,Tc Instruments, Micro Surgery Instruemnts.. Laryngoscopes, pliers, scissors, utility scissors

DaSH Global   - Details
OUR STORY With extensive experience in healthcare research & consulting, both within private and public health. The owners at DaSH-Global believe there is a need for new healthcare research services that provide a 360-degree understanding of the healthcare environment in order to align targeted Data Solutions in Healthcare to answer the challenging healthcare questions of the future. DaSH-Global has therefore been set up to provide a unique range of services to deliver this service.

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